Project: Design Competition
Client: Colleges & Institutes Canada

The Problem

The Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) is changing its name to better reflect its membership and needs to
re-think its look and brand. The new logo will be used on everything from business cards and stationery; to signage and event materials; plus web, social media and other electronic media.

More importantly, the logo design should reflect the Association’s values of being a member-focused organization that is accountable and collaborative; adaptable, entrepreneurial and innovative; and that is inclusive, responsive and open to the world.

The graphic/symbol portion of the logo must be able to stand alone and work well with the Association name spelled out, in English & French; it must be a versatile design that works well on a variety of mediums and it should be simple, clean and timeless.

New name: Colleges and Institutes Canada / Collèges et instituts Canada

The Idea

This logo represents the Colleges and Institutes Canada
(former ACCC) way of looking into the future, embracing its ever innovative nature. Also its a modern and timeless approach that will endure, making the CIC a more recognizible organization.

The three red rectangles represent the colleges, institutes and polytechnics across Canada that the CIC supports. They also represent the Vision, Mission and Values that will be taking part of the new strategic plan created for the years to come. The three rectangles combined, transform into a three-dimensional structure which represents the CIC itself as an association.

The typeface used in the logo, goes along with the minimalistic and modern look that the CIC envisions and adds a more serious personality to it that builds up trust, confidence and support.
And last but not least: the maple leaf; which tells the world that even though the association works in 29 other countries, it all comes down to its main goal: to serve and support in many different ways to the more than 3,000 communities across Canada within its 132 Member Institutions that conform it.

Arnaldo Quintini